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Domestic Water Booster System Design Center
Thank you for using the Domestic Water Booster System Design Center of the Canariis Web Site. This section will be continually upgraded so that it is easier and more helpful to use. If at any time you have Suggestions, Problems, Questions and Comments, please click on the link above and send us your feedback. It is greatly appreciated.

The features of our design center allow you to create mutliple projects, save in progress designs, and update any system parameters as needed.

The system design center will guide you through the following steps:

  • Calculate Pump Differential required
  • Calculate System Capacity
  • Select Number, Type and HP of Pumps
  • Select Control Options
  • Download ACAD Drawing
  • View and Download Specs for Your System
  • Request a Quote or Budget Price

Triplex Space Saver
We will make recommendations during the system design process which you can use or adjust to fit your specific needs.


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